Invitation to Playing House!

We would like to invite you to


Please come inside and make yourself at home. There’s something we need to tell you.

What happens behind closed doors? Is it all champagne and roses? Or are hammers and hostility hidden in plain sight?

Playing House is an interactive performance set in a home like yours or mine. Inside you will hear real stories from your local community.  The performance has been put together by local artists and women from the local community and features an ensemble cast of community and professional performers.  All the words are from testimonies of local women about their experiences. These were collected from interviews and meetings in towns and villages across County Durham and Darlington over the last few months as part of The Women’s Voices Project.

During the event there will be opportunities to watch live theatre and dance, share your stories, enjoy some tea and cake, discuss the issues raised and to make your mark on our house of stories. There will be professionals available to offer advice and support.  The Women’s Voices Project also has a blog where you can read about our journey and get involved.

Due to the subject matter this event is not suitable for under 13s. The content of this event deals with emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Performances are:

Central Hall, Dolphin Centre, Horsemarket, Darlington DL1 5RP

Saturday 20th September at 12:30pm (a free for women only performance)

Saturday 20th September at 4pm tickets £5

Bishop Auckland Town Hall, Market Place, Bishop Auckland DL14 7NP    

Friday 26th September at 1pm (a free for women only performance)

Friday 26th September at 7pm tickets £5

If you would like to attend any of the performances, please book a ticket by calling 01388 765 002, or alternatively, send an RSVP to

Please circulate this message as widely as possible: these stories need to be heard!

We look forward to seeing you in Darlington, Bishop Auckland or even both!


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