Not just tea, coffee and cake!

The last few blog posts have been about the process of making the show Playing House. However, The Women’s Voices Project isn’t all about making a show, drinking tea or coffee and eating lots of cake. Though we have drunk lots of tea and eaten lots of cake with many different women. The whole process and every conversation has been valuable in fulfilling our project aims.

One of the aims of the project is to reduce the social isolation experienced by women in County Durham and Darlington by bringing women together and letting them share their stories often over a cup of tea and discussing our favourite cake (Victoria Sponge seems to be most people’s favourite). Gathering people together and having space to talk can help reduce that feelings isolation because they have the opportunity to be heard, recognised and appreciated.

We have also offered the opportunity for women to join in the creative process by attending scratch performances and to join us as performers in Playing House. Allowing them to participate in creative ways of expressing their lived experience – which may reduce the likelihood of the women we work with experiencing anxiety and depression;

This will culminate in our show ‘Playing House’ which, through using dance, theatre and interactive art installations, recounts the incredible stories that these women have experienced. Celebrating their courage, bravery and relentless ability to remain positive.


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