Rehearsals – Day 1


So today 20140913_115223was our first day of rehearsal at Northern Creative Solution’s fourth floor in Broadacre House and first and foremost we had tea and coffee whilst we were briefed on using the building.

In the morning as we settled in to the space we did an exploration of the seventies office feature whilst listening to muzack to add to the atmosphere. We then read through the script and discussed all the ideas for Playing House and played a drama game or two, which resulted in lots of laughter.

After lunch the group split into two groups with Robyn and Polly talking through some amazing ideas about how to make our set, gather props to be used and generally make magic happen. Polly then left to kindly deliver some posters to Bishop Auckland and Darlington on her way home.

The other group consisted of Katie working with Alys, Hannah and Patricia working on creating a dance piece that will be used during part of the show.

Tonight we will be working on the script ready for tomorrows rehearsal.


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