Rehearsals: Day 2


Wow what a day!

We started the day by reading the new script to get a feel for the structure and narrative of the show. Following that we carried on working on Hannah’s bedroom monologue and choreographing the dance leading into that scene.

Whilst the performers were working on that our eager beaver production team Robyn and Polly marked out where the set was going to be and put in place the props they had gathered up to that point.

Before lunch, once the ‘kitchen’ area had been established we trashed and tided up the kitchen several times as an exploration of one of the other scenes in the show.

During our lunch break we played Sardines and as it turns out Robyn and Katie are very good hiders and whilst hidden there was a rave in the lift!

After lunch we had a production meeting to hear the vision of our production team, which was beautifully colour coded and talked about how we all could help.

For the last section of the day we worked on a movement sequence that incorporated the idea of trying to fulfil impossible tasks: like trying to run left and right at the same time. We chose to create the sequence this way as to us it feels like the women in their stories were trying to keep the peace and maintain a nice home life but for them doing that was an impossible task.


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