More poetry from Hariett ‘Team Players’ (part 2)


The Curtain has fallen, the Lights are dimmed,
the floor with a Mop, has been briefly skimmed.
Make-up removed, Set all packed in the Trunk,
is it a Hit, or are we about to flunk.
Investors sit pensively on the sidelines, awaiting,
Actors and Audiences, with breath abating.
It’s a Winner, it’s a flop, who cares it has…been.
For Love, Charity and Hope, have stolen the Scene.
Have stolen their thunder, have triumphed over over all.
Have brought to our eyes, this cavernous maul.
Have brought to our senses, the stench of decay,
when good Men and Women, choose to look, the the other way!
Closing their Curtains, instead of calling for Help.
Turning out their Lights, to block out the 1st yelp.
Skimming the surface, as Bones and Skin fly.
Re-arranging their furniture, as another soul begins
But wait, here come Warriors, those of Valour and brave Heart.
Here, comes now Courage, let the New Day start.
Un-sung Hero’s they maybe, in the great Theatre of Life.
Yet called to do Battle, without fist or knife.
for the pen, is always, truly mightier than the sword.
So stand up humanity, and these Virtuous, Men and Women, Applaud.
Harriett E. Jarvis-Hoppe 21/09/2014



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