The Materiality of Abuse…

”The “materiality of abuse” is rooted in a partner’s control over basic necessities such as money,

food, housing and transportation, sex, sleep, toileting and access to health care. Seventy-nine percent of

the Refuge UK sample (Rees et al. 2006) and 58% of Tolman’s (l989) U.S. sample were denied access to

money or had it taken from them through threats, violence or theft. Conversely, 54% of the men charged

with assaulting their partners acknowledged they had taken their partner’s money (Buzawa & Hotaling,

2003). Financial exploitation extends from denying victims credit cards or money for necessities to forcing

them to account for and justify even small expenses.”

Re-presenting Battered Women: Coercive Control and the Defense of Liberty *

By Evan Stark , Ph.D, MSW

Professor, Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration


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