Mission Statement

About Us

Changing Relations C.I.C is a not – for-profit Community Interest Company limited by guarantee; that aims to promote, and contribute to the creation of, a society in which:

* There is genuine, lived gender equality;

* The organisations and structures that govern our lives are equipped to support healthy and harmonious relationships that enable individuals to live fulfilled lives.

Changing Relations is an arts education company that provokes thinking on gender & relationships, using the arts & creative methods as the basis of our training & educational resources. We use empowering and thought-provoking ways to develop creative projects and deliver impactful products and services to achieve social transformation.

In all of our work, we aim to:

* Use up-to-date research findings;

* Document and analyse the effectiveness of our work;

* Draw on the creative and empathetic potential of the arts;

* Bring together relevant partners;

* Work collaboratively with relevant bodies across the public, private and voluntary sectors;

* Provide a fresh, innovative and independent perspective that creates the potential for transformation.

For more information about other projects we are currently running or planning for the future please hop over to our Company  website or get in touch via our contact page.