Audience feedback

Make Do and Mend

"It was informative and I now know more signs of abuse" Year 9 student, FBEC College, Ferryhill, March 2016
 "Visual and clever representation, an innovative way to communicate and resonate with people." Audience member, European Parliament, Brussels 
"Hard hitting, visual reality." Audience member, Space six, Newcastle, Nov 2015
"Poignant reminder of the different experiences of women who are subject to Domestic Abuse." Audience member, European Parliament, Brussels, Nov 2015
"It echoed a lot of storied from friend's experiences and those I have encountered through my work with young women. Important to feel/hear how each unique experience of DV is, while also acknowledging patterns and signs." Hebe Phillips, The Proud Trust, Nov 2015
Playing House

"Honest exchange, laughter and hope. It was better than counselling" Audience member, Bishop Town Hall, 2014
“This has an impact on parents too and today has brought back a tremendous amount of sad memories.  It’s been very emotional but I am pleased I came here today.” Relative of testimony provider, Bishop audience, 2014
“Heart-warming & heart-breaking simultaneously” Audience member, Darlington Dolphin Centre, 2014
“Captured women’s stories beautifully let them be heard” Audience member, Darlington Dolphin centre, 2014
“Powerful. Sensual. Understanding. Never ending. Sad.” Wear valley women's aid, service user




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